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BMW & MINI to integrate with Amazon Alexa – what could it mean?

BMW & MINI recently announced that Amazon Alexa is set to become the latest technology added to new BMW and MINI ranges as part of an official technology partnership. The hugely popular digital personal home assistant has taken the world by storm since it launched November 2014.

Capable of using voice recognition to play music, set alarms, create lists, do the shopping, deliver the news and even manage your home’s lighting, heating, blinds and garage doors – Alexa is a sophisticated piece of technology at an incredibly affordable price. As one of the cornerstones of “Connected Homes”, it has been a huge contributor to the emerging trend and is expected to become an item found in households worldwide in the years to come.

Always looking to innovate and do more their customers, it’s no surprise that BMW and MINI have jumped on the bandwagon and want to integrate Alexa into their vehicles. The implications of Alexa in your car could be huge. To demonstrate how Alexa might make your MINI even better the team over at Grassicks MINI have listed some potential examples of Alexa and MINI working in tandem as well as some predictions of what we might see in the future…

No more garage door buzzers
MINI owners will be able to ask Alexa to open and close their garage as their approach their home. Simple voice commands like “Alexa open my garage” will be identified by the Alexa MINI system and communicate over WiFi with specially fitted connected garage doors. The garage door can be fitted with WiFi connectivity devices to the motor allowing not just the MINI but all Amazon Alexa devices to interact with each another. It may even be possible to link up the system so that the door is already open at a set time every morning.


The future…
Future developments to the technology could use GPS data to notify your MINI when you’re nearing home. Drivers could arrive to find that their garage has opened pre-emptively without even the need for a voice command.

Unlimited supply of entertainment
The Amazon Alexa system allows users to plug directly into their other Amazon services. As such, MINI drivers should be able to access their music and audiobook libraries with just a quick command. Been listening to an album before heading out? The Alexa and MINI partnership will allow you leave the house, jump in the car and continue listening to your music library.

The future…
Boasting a fast connection to your Amazon account, the future could see your favourite Amazon TV shows and films being streamed into your car. Such a feature could be welcomed by family drivers who want to entertain the kids in the back easily and without any fuss.